Mug making with 6JW at Mountbatten School

23 May 2016

Year 6 had been invited to Mountbatten School’s Art Department to make mugs to commemorate their time at Halterworth and as a transition opportunity to see life at secondary school. It was for all children and not just those who are going to Mountbatten. After a sunny walk round to Mountbatten this afternoon we were escorted to the Art Department by Mrs Ingoe. 6JW had already designed their mugs on paper before they came and after a practical demonstration from Mrs Ingoe and some hands on support from 3 Mountbatten pupils, all the children transformed a lump of clay into a personalised mug masterpiece! It was great to see creative design come to life and how to use clay. All the children really enjoyed the experience and were brilliant at clearing up too! The mugs will now be fired and glazed and then given to the children as a keepsake. It was a great insight into everyday life at secondary school.

Mrs Ware took lots of photos so check out the class blog if you want to see the class in action!

Claire Cross


School Sport Update! by Rob Crocker

At a time when the government is investing heavily in PE and School Sport within primary schools it was pleasing to hear how well Halterworth was and is doing!

71% of the school from Year 1 to Year 6 have taken part in at least one school sports club this academic year. That amounts to 268 children. Up by 86 children on 2014-15 with a term to go!

They have also continued their success on the sports field winning the Year 5 and 6 Girls Football, Rounders, Sportshall Athletics and Tag Rugby competitions. They also finished runners up at the Year 5/6 Basketball competition and were bronze medallists at the recent Year 3/4 Gymnastics Festival.

The Netball team remain unbeaten in their league and the B and C teams are also performing very well in their respective leagues.

Halterworth also had four pupils qualify to represent the Test Valley area at the U12 Hampshire Schools Cross Country Championships at Gang Warily in the New Forest. One of the athletes from Year 5 finished second in her race.  A fantastic achievement considering she was up against Year 6 runners!

Well done Halterworth and Mr Halton!


By Rob Crocker

PE & School Sport Link Governor

Rocksteady Concert 17/03/16 by Clare Lassiter

Just before the Easter Holiday brought the termly excitement of Halterworth’s very own rock concert.  I was there to support my daughter as a member of one of the bands, and joined an excited group of parents, grandparents, siblings and other enthusiastic supporters to hear the fruits of a term’s labour at the weekly Rocksteady sessions.  I’m sure that the nerves must have been mounting as the rest of the audience filed in to watch.  The bands consisted of keyboards, drums, bass guitars, lead guitars and lead vocals.  Will, the teacher, introduced each child in turn, and it was lovely to see so much support from the audience for each and every one of the performers as the names were called.  To see all of the musical efforts in each category come together to produce such polished performances of each song was truly impressive.  Many of the children in the audience were moving to the rhythm of the music, and their loud appreciation at the end of each song must surely have been heard by the sheep in the field next door to the school!  Well done everyone.  I for one am looking forward to the summer performance already…

Year 6trip to Marwell by Claire Cross

It was a delight to be on the year 6 trip to Marwell on the 9th March  despite all the rain !! 

The Year 6 topic this term is evolution and it was a memorable way to see the curriculum in action. 

 We looked at lots of animals and the children had to find out about their habitats but about how the animals have adapted to survive in their environment. 

 We also had an hour’s class in the education centre seeing and touching live and dead animals. We talked about animals and features about their body and gives us clues to where they live. Like colour and camouflage, what they eat, teeth, claws, etc. The children had to work out in groups what the animal was, what  habitat it was from and clues about its body that helped them decide how it survives in that habitat. Lots of learning and knowledge testing in a memorable and fun way. My group really enjoyed looking at the animals, the penguins were a firm favourite! Thank you for having me on your trip. 



In October I was fortunate enough to be elected a parent governor. I put myself forward because I’m committed to supporting children and young people as they transition from childhood to adolescence (and beyond), and because I wish to contribute something meaningful to the Halterworth community. Being a governor felt like good fit.

In all honesty I didn’t really know what I was signing up for!

Six months later, I’m slowly getting a fuller picture – but am advised by more seasoned colleagues that it takes a full academic year to really ‘get it’ – so there’s a way to go.

Governor meetings have opened an extraordinary door onto the work, performance and achievement of Halterworth children – from a local, to a regional and also national context. We review how our children are doing, and where there might be difficulties. We hear about measures Halterworth is putting into place to support those children who struggle with aspects of learning or are perhaps more vulnerable. We also hear about how children are challenged to stretch themselves and how the staff team support the implementation of the Growth Mindset and other strategies to promote children’s development.

Whilst there’s a huge amount of data to absorb and understand, the school’s senior leadership has a clear passion for ensuring our pupils are enabled and encouraged – and this shows in their determination to keep one step ahead of the DfE’s sometimes wayward curriculum and standards demands!

In addition to meetings, I’ve been linked to a subject area (Science – which I love!) and have taken part in a mentoring project for older pupils. Being a subject link allows me to have a better understanding of how Science is taught across year groups, how it integrates with other core curriculum areas such as English and Maths, and how as a school Halterworth takes its responsibilities seriously when it comes to encouraging the continuing interest of girls in science (there are startling stats on how early girls lose interest in Science once they move up to secondary school…).

Half-way through my first year as a parent governor I’ve learned an incredible amount about the functioning of the school, the role of the governor, the complexities of how national policies affect what happens in our children’s classrooms, and the pressures of achievement and how we measure progress. What will the next six months bring? More learning, I’m sure! And a continued sense of pride that we and our children are part of an extraordinarily committed school.

Parents Evenings 21 and 23 March

Hasn’t this term flown by, only 4 more days until the Easter holidays – I wish you all a restful fortnight’s break once Thursday arrives.


Before the holiday arrives, just a reminder that if you are attending either of the two parents evenings this week ( Monday and Wednesday ), there will be Governors in attendance both evenings – we would be delighted to listen to any comments or inputs you may wish to share with us. You’ll find us either in the reception area, or walking round the school looking for “volunteers” to complete our Questionnaire ….


Hope to see you on one of the evenings this week

Egyptian Day with Year 3 – January 2016 by Claire Cross

What a fabulous way to learn. A school trip where the trip comes to school! The hall became ancient Egypt with a temple next to the Nile where the children were making pots, food, olive oil, lamp oil, perfume, stone (soap) carvings, paintings and writings to offer as gifts to the God to keep the Nile waters high so they would not starve and the crops will flourish. The children were dressed in costume and spent a day as Egyptian children, undertaking activities to offer to the temple and prepare the Pharaohs tomb for the afterlife. Some played the parts of the King and Queen, temple guards. It was all action plus the king was rumoured to have been poisoned and a fish was stolen from the temple! I learnt so much from the day and when I asked some the children about the day and activities, they all had a great time and learnt lots of things about living in ancient Egypt. I stayed for the morning and there was a feast planned for the afternoon of traditional foods. …the children’s outfits and the things they made were amazing. If only history was this interesting when I was at school!! Many thanks and See you soon. Claire